Effective Keyword Research for SEO, How much is Enough?


The biggest question people have about entering their keywords is how many keywords should they target. The biggest concern is the competition, what if there are over 1 million other websites in the same market as you are.

Keyword research is an important task when starting a new website, and if you’re using a professional web designer make sure that keyword research is done when designing your site. New sites have to start from scratch and keyword research is one of the first things to be done.

Using the Google Keyword Tool will provide you with a list of ideas on what to target and what to avoid. Over time you will be able to compete for these top keywords much easier and you will get more traffic to your website as a result.

On-Site Optimisation

When you are designing your website, whether it is your blog, website or landing page, make sure that the words, pictures and text all relate to your particular niche. This can make it much easier for Google and your visitors to understand what your website is about.

Using your keywords in particular ways will also help Google to understand your website and what it is about. By using similar descriptions, headings and titles you will be able to help your website rank for different keywords.

Back Links

Back links are websites that link back to your website and can also help to push you up the ranks. This can be a difficult task and can take a lot of time and effort to do properly.

A few of the most effective ways to get back links are:

-Article Marketing-Directory Listings-Natural Back links-Blog Commenting-Article Directories

In order to do this successfully, you will need some knowledge in article marketing and directory listings, this can make a big difference to your Google rankings. Having a good article writer who can write articles and directories is a great plus.

As a business owner it is very important to understand the way in which competition is structured on the internet. Understanding the way in which your competition has failed can help you tovantage yourself. You have to be realistic about your chances of success and not be tempted to see results quickly.

Have something substantial to offer

Never start an online business just because you want to try and earn some money quickly. You need to have something useful to offer and traffic is the best way in which to get this.

If you are starting your own online business the first thing you need to do is keyword research. This allows you to know that what your target market is entering into search engines to find information.

Website Optimisation

Making sure your website is user friendly is vital to getting visitors to your site. If they cannot find the information they need quickly they will give up and head for the high street. Google also advises that website should load fast and should not cause problems for the user.

Having your website optimised means that it should be easy for Google to read, easy for them to navigate and fast when performing searches. You need to pay attention to all these elements and if you get them right, this will help with your Google rankings.

Google uses an algorithm to rank websites. This is a complex document that takes into account many factors. In this document, there are many factors that are mentioned. But the two main things that are used are the relevance and the authority of the site when the search is performed by Google.


The relevance of your site will determine where you will be ranked by Google. Factors that are considered include the content of your site and the keywords that you use. The content should consist of the relevance of your site to the search term.

It is also important to consider the number of visitors you get, how long they spend on your site and the direction that they look. This all plays a big role in how you will be ranked by Google.


Google will also look at the links that point to your site. Most people make the mistake of linking their site to organise a link network. Instead, they should use the links to improve their sites visibility and should consider them more like a popularity vote rather than a reciprocal link. Taking this approach will help your site to attract more traffic.

Finally, you should consider the age of your site. If you have a new site, then you will need to get some links to your site from other sites.

It is important to consider the approach you want to take and to analyse the possible outcomes. You should always aim to drive traffic to your site and to be ranked highly in the SERPS. This will increase your business and profits.

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