What Are the Best Services For Your MAN Trucks troubles

The new MAN trucks receive impressive innovations in both the exterior and interior, together with an even more efficient driveline. (From the left: TGS, TGM, TGX, and again the TGS) DE: Die neuen MAN erhalten ausdrucksstarke Neuerungen am Exterieur und Interieur sowie einen noch effizienteren Antriebsstrang.(von links: TGS, TGM, TGX und nochmals TGS) UK: The new MAN trucks receive impressive innovations in both the exterior and interior, together with an even more efficient driveline. (From the left: TGS, TGM, TGX, and again the TGS)

Here in Nigeria, we have a lot of modifies vehicles and equipment, we don’t mind giving them the best if they need it, our modifies vehicles are very popular all over the place, we have a lot to offer to the Fancy People in the far east of Nigeria, our customers in far east Nigeria are very particular about their vehicles being in perfect condition, they expect their vehicles to be washed and important parts like undercarriage, engine etc, to be replaced with original spare parts only.

We spare parts for MAN Trucks Nigeria like Maruti 800 and also other vehicles like;neauwMercedes,Ford Escape,Chrysler Town & Country,osition SkidSteersisher,oped BugThere are MAN TRUCKS service centers all over Nigeria, our modifies vehicles are sold to the people of that particular area, who in turn sale them to their friends and relatives for a better off road service.

We have a lot of customers like businessmen, construction workers, women and also students preferring us over others because of our quality services. The service center is available in nearly all theparts of Nigeria, Lagos, Borno, Abuja, etc

We guarantee you following items for your troubles:

We spare parts are available in stocks in both manual and automatic trims, we can spare your trims in both manual and automatic; customers prefer us over others because of excellent standard and highly highly durable performance of our products; our spare parts are tested and fail proof, they are original and genuine , and they are all tested and selected for your satisfaction, we give you utmost satisfaction!


We give you the best services and you will not be treated as a half-Relaxed customer because we have a warranty on all our parts.

Free servicing

Customers are not treated as people who have no option and are given first priority in the service centers, we try to give service without the long delays and also the unnecessary annoyances.

24 x 7 operation

operation and maintenance of our vehicles is the specialty of our company, our vehicles are fully equipped with air conditioner,doors locks, PersonnelManual, Hand brake and Water pump.

We have experts who can service any of your car, truck, motorbike or van and we are famous in the field of aftermarket parts for the promotion of an environment friendly vehicle!

Online ordering

Online orders are the modern way to shop with our goods, simply click on your required part on the internet and order the part you have required. There are many online ordering websites, our dear internet acceptors keep on changing the rules, so as to admit youbers for a charge! If you shop on eBay, you have to pay a service fee of 10% as eBay fees, it’s normal anyway.

All our goods are accompanied by warranty and invoice price check, if you find a discrepancy, you can quote the price on the invoice or put a request for quotation, if you quote a price check, the buyer will send you a request for quotation within 24 hours.

If you ordered by facile email and you receive an order notice in another email, the chances are more that they will ship the part if you quote a reasonable email price.

Won’t allow the people who won’t pay the bill

At least won’t allow them to take it out of the country, what they don’t like is that if they stop using our goods, if they stop using our service, we have to refund or replace the good parts, we have to completely stop working with them.

Pay our online bill, our online bill is the bill of site rental (like eBay). It’s a standard 30 basis gratuity, and a charge of 1 to 2 days in cent. It’s the price of convenience for doing business with them.

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